Hey, I’m Blake. First of all, I love Jesus. I started this blog to write about what I was learning in Scripture, and it has slowly evolved to be a resource and support to all you social workers/foster parents out there. I have been a social worker for over three years and I love what I do. I love supporting foster/adoptive parents and helping them receive the training they need to be successful. I have a bachelors in interdisciplinary studies and I am currently working on obtaining my masters in social work. I am open to any suggestions, questions, or ideas you may have! 

I also enjoy coffee, tea, poetry, large biographies, boots, winter, camping, the color blue, travel, getting lost in the woods, simplicity, other cultures, meaningful conversation, bluegrass, soccer, mountains, C.S Lewis, Brooke Fraser, George Mueller, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jim Elliot, Colbie Caillat, the Avett Brothers, Emily Dickinson, rainy days, and a bunch of other stuff but I’m sick of thinking.

Read my blog if you want.

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