Coronavirus and Repentance

All trials are meant to bring us to a place of repentance. They strip us of normalcy to remind us that we are not in control, that we are small, and that our God is worthy of obedience.

I’m not saying that God has sent Coronavirus as a punishment or anything like that. It’s just the natural way of the sinful world for pandemics and natural disasters to occur. But that does not mean God is not sovereign, and that He in His wisdom does not allow these things to occur. Often we may never know the reason, and just like every suffering we endure, we aren’t privy to that information.

But there is one thing I do know. Coronavirus quarantine is an opportunity for repentance. We can know with absolute certainty that He allows trials to make us more like Jesus. It’s an opportunity to stop being so distracted with relationships, social media, work, etc. and to focus on our sins and the great restoration our God extends to us. It’s a time to search our hearts and identify idols that have remained hidden for years. It’s a time to ask God to provide for you and exercise trust that He will.

It should make us ask questions about our attitudes.

Why am I frustrated with my spouse/kids? Why can’t I stay in my house with them for extended periods of time? Why do I feel the need to keep myself busy or my brain numb with Netflix 100% of the time? Do I feel so entitled that I don’t think I deserve trials or suffering? Is there any poor financial decision making in my life that has left me unprepared for this emergency? In what ways have I not honored God at work? In what ways have I neglected my responsibilities at home? Is there any area of my life that I am being stubborn and stiff-necked toward the commandments of God? Do I trust that He cares for me? In what ways can I turn away from sin and turn back to Him?

These questions have hit me hard this week. Far be it from us to clean the outside of the cup, without actually looking within.

We need clean hands in more ways than just one.

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