The Patriarchy Loves Abortion

Due to all of the new abortion law developing over the past few months, the morality of abortion has been in the news consistently. This alone is good for the pro-life movement, because when people talk about abortion at all it reveals the absurdity and horror of abortion. Ideally what the pro-choice movement would love is for everyone to stay silent about abortion, so that children could be sacrificed on the altar of convenience quietly. No one ask any questions, no one think about it too much, while the leftist movement quietly legalizes abortion through 9 months.

One thing I have heard over and over again as this conversation has progressed is this: men are just passing these laws because men just want to tell women what to do with their bodies. Feminists are claiming that the “patriarchy” (ever elusive in definition), wants to stop women from getting abortions. They claim that men just want control over women, which is why state legislatures mostly made of men are passing restrictive abortion laws.

Setting aside the very real possibility that men actually care about unborn human lives and think it is important to protect them; What do men have to gain from restricting abortion? Do you think they are all just patting each other on the back after they pass these laws saying “I get so much satisfaction out of telling women what to do”? No. This theory completely ignores the fact that most of these men highly value women. It’s a straw man. It is an excuse for not having to engage in the actual abortion debate over whether or not an unborn child is a person whose life is worth protecting.

Furthermore, if these men really wanted to take advantage of women and live un-responsible selfish lives, what would they do? They would champion abortion! Abortion means they get to have sex with no consequences. Abortion means sex with absolutely no responsibility attached. Abortion is death on demand. This is why the real “patriarchy” (the culture of men objectifying women) loves abortion. 

Men get to walk away, while women are left with the devastating psychological effects of having had an abortion. This is another thing that the pro-choice movement refuses to discuss. Abortion often does not bring the freedom a woman is looking for, only painful memories and regret. It takes a toll on the mind and body. Having a child is a call to action for a man. Bringing a child into the world is a beckoning for responsibility; for men and women. In our culture, where the principalities and powers of this age are at work, the world wants to convince you there is sex with no responsibility or consequences. It isn’t true. It never has been true. Everyone experientially knows this but consciously denies it. If we as women reject the insanity of abortion and instead call men to take account, or if we institute laws surrounding child birth and parenthood that bring consequences for men who fail to take responsibility, this is when we will see the “patriarchy” defeated. 

Some will say: “But the alternative also takes a toll on you! Having a baby is a responsibility not everyone is ready for!” I am well aware. But you never hear women say they regretted having the child, do you? Having a baby does take a toll on the body, but God designed us in such a way that the female body recovers and even forgets the pain of childbirth. In addition, there is always the option of adoption. Another common objection I hear is this: “if there were enough couples to adopt all of the unwanted babies, no children would be in foster care.” This comes from a common misconception of how foster care works. The cold hard truth is this: couples who struggle with infertility usually only want to adopt infants. Children who come into foster care, even if they come in at young ages, are almost never  immediately available for adoption. The state is mandated to work reunification case plans with their birth parents that can sometimes take years to either succeed or fail. By the time a child is ready for adoption they are usually age 5 and up, and come with multiple siblings. I wish that more people did want to adopt older children but I’ve written about it before and its a topic for another time.

I approve foster/adoptive home studies in the state of Georgia. If I told you how many couples I have to turn away because they call me wanting to adopt an infant, you would be stunned. I have to turn them away because the children we have in custody are usually older and part of large sibling groups that we refuse to separate. In Georgia, we have a three year long wait-list for families that want to adopt an infant. THREE. YEARS. LONG. Its three years long because it is so rare for an infant to be free for adoption directly after it leaves the hospital. If you are pregnant and do not want your baby, I promise you there is a long line of couples out there just waiting to provide that child with a loving home. I’ve talked to many of them myself.

Secondarily, the above thought assumes that only mothers who will abuse/neglect their children abort them. I don’t know if everyone is aware of this, but children only come into foster care if they are abused or neglected. I do not believe every woman or even the majority of women who have had abortions would have abused or neglected their children. Do you?

The Left and the pro-choice movement cannot continue to use these misconceptions to blind the masses. If you want to stop unruly, un-responsible selfish men, fight for the lives of the unborn. Fight to end abortion. These restrictive abortion laws are calling men and women to responsibility. Thats the real reason our culture hates them. But if we all did take responsibility for ourselves and our actions (especially in the area of child-raising/rearing) just think of how much better our society would be.

Food for thought.


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