A postmodern rant

You have to replace the gospel with something.

Idol worship, self-worship, humanity worship, ideology worship, feelings worship…you name it. You are going to worship something. Now, let me go ahead and make the bold claim. There is only one right kind of worship: the worship of God. Where do I get this from? The Bible. Why do I believe the Bible is true? Because the Bible says it’s true. Is that a good enough reason? Well let me ask you, why do you believe you can create your own truth? Because someone else told you that you could? How can you trust what they say? Maybe it’s because you reasoned that this is the best way to live your life. How can you trust your own reason? Especially if your brain formed from primordial soup as a complete and random accident? If God didn’t design your brain than who did, and how can you trust it?

I believe the Bible is true because God says it is true. I believe in God because He drew me to Himself and showed me His grace. If there is a God then doesn’t it make total sense that we hang on His every word and listen to His voice?

Maybe you just don’t like some things that the Bible says. That’s fair. We can start there. There are many things you probably don’t like because the words have been taken out of their context and have been twisted and misconstrued. But I’m willing to bet there are things that you understand very well and you just don’t like them. You don’t like God’s way of doing things. If that’s you, let’s talk. I appreciate that straightforwardness.

HOWEVER, what I am finding today is that more and more people fall into this other category where they aren’t willing to admit that they just don’t like what God really has to say. They come up with inaccurate excuses for why the Bible isn’t reliable or they view it as a mystical piece of art they can admire abstractly. But if the Bible is not your standard for truth what is? If you don’t believe in capital T- Truth than we have a whole other problem, but if you do, what do you make your standard for right and wrong? If it hurts others don’t do it? Well obviously my perception of what hurts others and yours are going to differ. If the government says its wrong don’t do it? Well, I think we have learned through our history that it is governments that commit the most vulgar atrocities in the name of their beliefs. How do you even know what a vulgar atrocity is if you have no standard of truth?

I am seeing so many of my friends recently fall away from the faith and fall into this postmodern-Faith foolishness. It is a faith that borrows from Christianity and from Jesus, but ultimately teaches the worship of humanity. What makes humanity worthy of worship? Some of my friends would say that the churches teachings about sin and their own sinfulness causes them to hate themselves or fall into depression. Could it instead be possible that you completely misunderstood the Bible’s teaching altogether? I’m sorry if someone presented you that truth improperly, but one awful presentation should not discount a viewpoint altogether. Besides, just because it caused some negative feelings inside of you doesn’t make it wrong. I’m going to need a better reason than it made you feel bad. The glorious thing about seeing our sinfulness is that we also get to see Jesus’ forgiveness and mercy!! And it is the absence of humans seeing their own sin that causes racism, bigotry, and mass killings.

Many evils have happened in the name of postmodernism and will continue to. When we throw out the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture, everything good in this world can go. What happens when one grown man’s truth is that he is in relationships with adolescent girls? What happens when another persons truth is that they are a reincarnated Hitler? Sadly, at this point, neither of these are far fetched. If you have no standard of truth, why do you get to tell these people they are wrong? What do you have to base your ethics on? You can’t just choose to believe the parts of the Bible that address these things only when it is convenient for you to speak up against things you consider evil.

And why does humanity matter anyway? If we are all the result of a bubbling pile of glue that came alive because lightning (or something like that, no one actually knows) hit the earth at exactly the right time in exactly the right place? And if you don’t believe the Bible is infallible and inerrant, how can you logically hold that humanity has any value at all?

The good news is humanity does matter because we have been made in the image of God and we do have value and worth on this earth because He is of ultimate value and worth.

All I’m saying is this: the burden of proof is on you postmodernists. None of you are able to give anyone a good reason why they shouldn’t trust the Bible, or a good person or book to trust otherwise for that matter.

The bottom line is that the Bible shows people their sin, and they don’t like that.

If you don’t want to believe the truth of the gospel, I plead with you to come to Christ. But let me be clear on this one point: if what you are being taught or what you are believing is not complete submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, it may sound good, but it is NOT the gospel.

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