Set Your Heart

I don’t like to think of myself as a worrisome or fretful person. In fact I take too much pride in my easy going, nonchalant nature. But the truth is, I do worry, and when the simple things that I deem important don’t go my way, I get frustrated. This is very humbling to admit.

The past two months I have learned so much about myself, but more than that I have a clearer picture of who the Lord is, and it has set my free from so much worry. I have realized that for the rest of my life I will try to grasp the length and width and depth and height of God’s love for me, and the more I believe it, the more sin will be driven away. As I realize that my heavenly Father truly does care about every detail of my life, when I see that He truly is intimately acquainted with all my ways, then my faith will soar.

This summer at camp I have been really dwelling on the character of God. I have once again realized that as I see Him for as He truly is, I am able to walk by the Spirit. This quote from A.W Tozer’s the Attributes of God rocked my world:

“One fact about the mercy of God is that it never began to be. I’ve heard of men who were hard-hearted or careless, but they began to get stirred up and mercy blossomed forth. It never was so with God. God never lay in lethargy without His compassion. God’s mercy is simply what God is — uncreated and eternal.”

God’s mercy has always been and will always be a part of His character. The cross was just a natural overflow of His perfection. God’s love for us will never change because His character, His nature is unchangeable. We can trust in His promises.

This may seem like such a simple lesson to some but it is the simple lessons that are the hardest for me to learn. I was raised in a broken fallen world. It is HARD for me to believe God is perfect in all His ways. But hear me reader, He is so delightful. When I read His Word, when I meditate on the things He has done, I taste and see just how good He really is. Today after class I half darted down the hill at the thought of getting to spend hours in the Word. Thinking about Him, pouring out my heart before Him. When I believe them, the Words of God leap of the page and right into the center of my life. They master my heart and my mind into beautiful submission that frees me to love. This summer He has just taken me to new levels of delight, and I am so thankful. He has really just brought me into a sweet intimate season with Him, and its SO AWESOME.


Coming out of this summer I am trying to apply different principles of leadership to my life and I have found exactly what Brody has been telling us all summer: if you study the Word of God and are mastered by it, you will be a leader. I have been trying to align my life as Ezra did his:

For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the LORD and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel. – Ezra 7:10 NASB

I want to set my heart to study the Law of the Lord AND practice it, in order to teach others and make disciples. This is the daily fight of my life: to set my heart on the Lord. To discipline my body for godliness. So yes. Thats what I have been learning as of late. This is what I have resolved in my heart to do. I am so thankful for the leadership at Snowbird and all they have taught me over the years. This summer I was really challenged and convicted into stepping up to new heights of obedience, which is exactly what I needed.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.


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  1. Blake, even though I only spent a few evenings with you this summer, I could tell the excitement that you had in learning these things from your time with the Lord. You are challenging to me in a really good way. Thankful for the way God is using you!

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