I Can’t See the Trees for the Forest

I can’t see the trees for the forest

And it’s almost a new moon tonight

So how will I ever find my way?


I walk through the darkness

And this a great blight

For I never asked the light to stay


In the middle of confusion

In the midst of a fright

My longings at Your feet I lay


For I am near no answers

The bonds are wrapped tight

And I search in vain for the moonlight rays


Stumbling—falling with eyes watching

I refuse to let the raft sink—I fight, I fight

“I surrender”; words I’m unwilling to say


Sun, when will you rise?

When will you flood in the holes, all that is bright?

Burning, hot and unwanted comes the day


As I drown I let out one last cry for help

Water wills my lungs—my last breath moves out

Then—resurrected out of the drought

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