The Constant One

I pray my dreams and hopes like a pen to page

I see all the possibilities like a lively parade

I will my life pass before my eyes

All the while looking to the skies

Whom have I in heaven but You?

On earth, I desire none besides You

You are my deepest treasure

You love me without measure

Nothing I could conjure could ever compare

Compete with You? Nothing dares.

My greatest delight and my highest desire

I praise You, for You bring and bring through the fire

Though this aspiration ends we keep going on

Your Law in the house of my pilgrimage is my song—

Leading me to the high places, the heights—

Where my hinds feet dance all day and all night

Praise the One who formed the earth!

Praise the One who authored new birth!

Praise the One who writes the greatest story!

Praise the One who is passionate for His own glory!

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