On Salvation

O Lord I lift up a song of praise

For the mercies You have given me

Your mercy, my shelter in dark days

My strength and glory


I don’t deserve so much life and peace

I can’t comprehend the grace You have bestowed upon me

Trying to fathom it–I shall never cease

Why from my chains You set me free


I repent for all us men who try and understand Your deepest mysteries

And in our pride think we know exactly how light pervades dark

Deceived into understanding because of our “ancient” histories

All I know that is on me You have chosen to put Your mark


I know I’ll never understand how it all works together

Your disdain for sin

Yet Your own substance took it

Choosing to save me, I sought it not, a crook

Blinded to Your worth


Somehow I came to love You in return

Now, this, a deep magic

A work only You can do

I know I was conceived in sin

Only You could make me new


Even as a child lost in self-righteousness

My delight, my dance was not in You

I lifted up my cry to this,

“My works my works will do!”


Yet one day I found that goats and calves can not atone

That I must honestly call upon You and You alone

That no repeated prayer, no matter how sincere,

Can regenerate my heart–You, You must meet me here


By Paul’s words I know that you are faithful to those who call upon Your name

But our motivations must be true because our hearts must be changed

In my delusioned sovereignty I can’t know all those You will draw unto Yourself

So I lift Your name up high because I know there is salvation in no one else!

Because I’m the clay and You are the potter sometimes I know not what You do

But I will continue to pray that all will come to You!

Because I am on earth and You are in heaven I will let my words be few…


Woe is me, woe is me, if I do not preach Your truth

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